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Overnight Remodel for a Chain of Pet Stores

This chain of pet stores required an overnight remodel across a majority of categories.

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A popular chain of pet stores required an overnight reset/ remodel across several categories. The retailer and the vendors did not have the resources to execute the project within the planned execution window. They had to finish the work within a hard-dated deadline.  


Our Solution:

We coordinated a specialized division to impeccably execute the scheduling, staffing, and execution needs. Our end-to-end solution included resetting all related planograms, marketing, and shelving fixtures, and relocating category per post layout. We also identified and separated all out-of-stock and discontinued products and installed exterior and interior banners.



We executed all the remodeling requirements across 450 locations within Pet Smart’s deadline of 7 weeks. We provided on an average 180-320 person-hours based on the scope of the remodeling needs. Our experience and expertise drastically improved the speed and quality of execution; hence, we continue to work with Pet Smart year after year. 



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