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New Stores and Store Remodels for Low Price Convenience Store Chain

This chain had a massive store remodeling requirement across 600 locations.

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A popular low price convenience store chain had a large requirement to support its expansion and retrofitting goals across multiple locations.


Our Solution

Our heavy projects team planned and executed the scheduling, staffing, and implementation requirements for Dollar General. Our team was involved in end-to-end operations, including unloading fixture trucks, installation of wall units, registers, storage, and freezer and refrigerator units. Our team includes specially forklift-certified operators who assisted with the work. The staff also set up new shelves and pegs according to the planogram and installed all signage and channel strips. 


Our expertise and experience guarantee a faster rate of execution without compromising on quality. 



Our team turned over 160 person-hour average within two days. In 2017, we set up 1000 new store locations and remodeled 600 store locations for Dollar General.


“Driveline has consistently provided timely and accurate execution of all vendor funded programs. In addition, they have been a strategic partner in helping DG to address specific challenges such as OSA, new item cut-ins, and macro space planning.”

Scott Miller, Director of Space Management & Vendor Execution, Dollar General 


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