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Correcting Out of Stocks for a Multinational Food Corporation

This MNC was under the risk of losing shelf space because of their out-of-stock issue.

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When this MNC got in touch with us, they were under pressure from retailers to rectify their issues related to out-of-stock products or risk losing space to others. The out-of-stocks also had a direct impact on sales.


Our Solution

We applied the SmartProject® technology for identifying the root cause of the problem. Once we had data that pointed to the cause, we employed our Audit and Correct program across 3000 store locations, which helped us develop actionable insights to target out-of-stock and on-shelf availability issues.  



Our weekly implementation of the Audit and Correct program resulted in a decrease of 33.6% decrease in out-of-stocks against the baseline. Our program also resulted in an increase of 8.2% in sales when compared against control stores.



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