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Correcting Distribution Voids for a Multinational Food Company

The MNC needed new item cut-in across 12,931 store locations of a convenience store chain.

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An error in distribution resulted in two individual items from the client being left out of a planogram reset across the full chain of a popular convenience store. The convenience store is present in 12,931 store locations. The multinational food company reached out to us for help to rectify the situation.


Our team planned to execute the new item cut-in with the current planogram across all the chain stores. Our team’s work was two-fold – to identify the product and correct their location on the shelf or to locate them in the backroom and place them appropriately. 


We executed the correction at 12,877 store locations (99.6% of the project) within two weeks. We visited 10,607 store locations within one week. As a result of our quick execution, this client realized a double-digit increase in new item sales.



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