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Category Reset across 4500 locations for a leading Retail Chain

A leading retail chain needed a massive-scale complete ice cream category reset mandated by the retailer.

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An ice cream retailer at a leading retail chain required a complete ice cream category reset. The retailer and vendor did not have the resources and capacity to execute the project within the execution window that the corporate demanded.  

So, the retailer came to us to help them with a solution – they asked us to execute the reset with a hard-dates schedule.



Our heavy project teams got down to work, ably supported by SmartProject®. We coordinated with the vendor to ensure the availability of the product on hand before the planned date. We utilized SmartProject® to create a transparent execution process – we provided real-time reporting, photo-verification while confirming the new item planogram placement with both the retailer and vendor.  



We promise unmatched speed to shelf, and that is exactly what we achieved. We met the deadline set by the retailer by completing the category reset across 4500 stores (28-31 freezer doors per store) within two weeks. 




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