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Category Optimization for a Multinational Consumer Goods Corporation

Household chemical category showed declining sales at certain stores.

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The  household chemical category products of this multinational corporation started showing flat or declining sales in certain chain stores stores. They realized that the category adjacencies & rack types were not conducive to engaging customers or driving sales.


Our Solution

We recommended the development of an innovative and high ROI merchandising strategy utilizing SmartMap technology. Using the technology, we created a category mapping and space assortment/ optimization plan with performance benchmarks. We deployed teams to execute the new plan across 1000+ store locations over 10 days. 


We also created a comprehensive analytics tool for P&G to enable them to make critical decisions on category assortment. 



Within the first 6 months, there was a 42.6% increase in comparable sales for the household chemical category products. In the first year, the increase in the category comparable sales was 27.2%. The store layout and mapping tool continues to be in use, and the category space optimization platform has been expanded to other retail channels as well. 


“I consider Driveline to be at the forefront of using technology to drive sales/ROI among all 3PL. They are thought leaders in that area. It is a good place to land.”

- Juan Rodriguez, P&G​​​​


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